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By Three Fountains Family Dental Inc
October 22, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures

Preserve your natural smile with the help of this popular dental restoration.

Are you curious to know what this popular and amazingly versatile dental cap can do for your smile? Wondering if your damaged or misshapen tooth could benefit from a crown? If so, our West Columbia, SC, family dentists Drs. Peter and Brooke Stoltz have the answer you’re looking for to gain valuable insight into whether you should get a dental crown.

You’re about to undergo a root canal

If the dental pulp or nerve of the tooth becomes infected the only option is for one of our West Columbia, SC, family dentists to go inside the tooth to remove the infected tissue. This is the purpose behind a root canal and this simple endodontic procedure can actually save your natural teeth. Of course, once the root canal is complete, our dental team will cement a custom-made dental crown over the tooth to protect it from further damage.

You have a cracked or fractured tooth

While tooth enamel is incredibly strong, even it can get damaged with enough force and pressure. If you’ve cracked or broken your tooth it’s important that you see your dentist right away for care. While small damage may be buffed away or treated with dental bonding, if the injury is more extensive then we will often need to crown the tooth to preserve it.

Bruxism has worn down some of your teeth

Are you a notorious teeth grinder? This problem, often referred to as bruxism, can put a lot of wear and tear on your teeth. After all, your jaws are amazingly powerful and over time this excessive wear and lead to worn down teeth. Bruxism can even increase the risk for a broken or fractured tooth. So, if our dental team has noticed that your teeth have weakened from teeth grinding, we may choose to place dental crowns to protect them.

You have severe decay

Most decay is treated with a dental filling; however, if decay is more widespread then a dental crown may be a better way to support what’s left of the whole tooth structure. If you already have a large filling in place, we can also keep an eye on it to see whether it needs to be removed and replaced with a dental crown.

Are you interested in sitting down with our West Columbia, SC, dental team to discuss dental crowns? If so, give Three Fountains Family Dental Inc. a call today at (803) 755-0039 to book a consultation.

By Three Fountains Family Dental Inc
March 06, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Crowns and bridges are necessary and popular procedures with various uses. However, understanding these procedures and how they restorative dentistrywork are an important factor in determining if they are necessary to help your smile. Learn about crowns and bridges to understand more about them with Dr. Peter Stoltz and Dr. Brooke Stoltz at Three Fountains Family Dentistry in Columbia, SC.

What makes porcelain dental restorations special? 
Dental restorations like dental crowns and bridges are important in repairing or replacing broken, damaged or missing teeth. Restorations come in various materials, from metal to porcelain. Porcelain restorations, while more expensive than metal restorations, are tooth-colored and blend into your smile whereas other materials will stand out against the white of your teeth. Porcelain also has the same light-reflecting qualities as natural teeth, providing a completely natural look.

How can dental restorations like crowns and bridges help my smile? 
Dental crowns can help restore your smile in various situations, such as:

  • stabilizing a broken or damaged tooth
  • restoring the biting surface of a worn tooth
  • improving the appearance of a misshapen or unsightly tooth
  • reinforcing a tooth with a large filling, such as after a root canal, against everyday use
  • holding a dental bridge in place

Dental bridges replace a missing tooth and consist of what looks like three prosthetic teeth in a row. In actuality, the two prosthetics on the end of the bridge are dental crowns. The crowns hold the bridge in place, using the healthy teeth surrounding the gap as anchors.

Crowns and Bridges in Columbia, SC
Dental crowns require that your dentist prepares the tooth beforehand to ensure a snug and permanent fit. This process requires removal of small layers of enamel from the outside and top of the tooth and shapes the tooth into the same form as the inside of the crown. This helps in the bonding process and also makes room for the crown to fit over the tooth without being too big. Since bridges use two crowns, your dentist will need to prepare two teeth.

For more information on crowns and bridges, please contact Dr. Peter Stoltz and Dr. Brooke Stoltz at Three Fountains Family Dentistry in Columbia, SC. Call (803)755-0039 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!