The Importance of Preventive Care In Maintaining Good Oral Health

Preventive dental care is important to maintaining good oral health. It also affects your overall health. For example, people who neglect their teeth can eventually experience serious health issues like heart disease. If you live in West Columbia and need a family dentist, schedule an appointment with Dr. Peter Stoltz or Dr. Brooke Stoltz at Three Fountains Family Dental. We offer patients a complete range of dental services to help you maintain strong, healthy teeth. Read on to learn more about preventive dental care.

Brush and Floss Your Teeth

Taking care of your teeth through brushing and flossing is an important component of preventive dental health. If you want to have healthy teeth, brush them at least twice a day with a soft-bristle brush. Don't forget to floss every day as well. Flossing removes food particles from becoming trapped in between your teeth and removes the plaque and food particles that your toothbrush can't reach.

Avoid Sugary Foods and Drinks

Consuming too much sugar leads to cavities and gum disease. Cut down on sugary foods and drinks in order to prevent dental issues.

Visiting Your Dentist Regularly

Although at-home dental care is important, it's equally important that you visit your dentist for regular checkups. Most people should have a dental checkup every six months.

Here at our West Columbia office, our family dentists help prevent and treat dental problems before they get worse. This includes diagnose tooth decay and gum disease, but they can also spot oral cancer.

Regular dental checkups include oral exams, x-rays, and teeth cleaning. These services work together to ensure your teeth remain healthy and strong.

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